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The War on Drugs should more aptly be called the War on Addicted People. It is not the plants that get thrown in jail; rather it is the people. It is another example of nanny "government" attempting to legislate morality at the point of a gun "for our own good". How can this be true if the effects of smoking weed are infinitesimal as compared to the heinous lengths that "government" will go to rob, assault, choke, and cage an adult mentally aware human being for possessing the prohibited leaf or flower? Vices are not crimes.

In one sense the War on Drugs is as much of a failure as the Alcohol Prohibition of the 1920s since they both created massive underground black markets, dangerous cartels, mafias, political bribery, and fostered gang violence. In another sense its a smashing success in that the sociopaths at the helm of "government" know full well that this would be the result and so it only further validates its exponential expansion. It is the self-licking ice cream cone that is "government" desperately trying to prove its relevance. It is pitiful and disgusting. Please people, understand that laws, taxes, and regulations do nothing but make life for the industrious that much more onerous.

"Good men do not need laws to know how to behave and evil men will always find ways around the laws."

Indeed...Control structure requires consent to continue. We must educate and encourage self responsibility and non consent to governance. Fuck em. Circumvent them and defy their "laws".
knows that, "all war is a matter of deception", suntsu250bce.
Just vote against it. Americans have legalised cannabis now in California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Colorado. Prohibition is almost dead in the home country - USA. Soon, only societies like Russia and China and Saudi will be prohibitionists.
Phil - it was voting that introduced this problem in the first place. My friends have been waiting their entire lives hoping their natural rights to a medicinal plant will stop being violently punished by your voting system.
My voting system? What are you on about, Dan?

Americans did indeed vote for Prohibition (of alcohol) and NZers very nearly did too. But neither Americans nor NZers voted for cannabis prohibition. Initially, they did indeed (in the USA and NZ) support cannabis prohibition, now they don't and that is why it can be voted down. Duh
I'm not sure what side of the "belief and understanding" fence you're siding with. Are you pro a "the largest mob should rule" system or not? You appear to me to be suggesting voting as a solution while I am pointing out it is the cause of the problem.
We have what is called representative democracy. This means we are able to choose smart people to pass our laws. It does not mean that these smart people will get it right 100% of the time, does it?

I have no idea why you think voting caused the problem. Ignorance and prejudice caused the problem, not voting.
Why should I let a large group of poorly educated, unhealthy, immoral people that are completely out of touch with natures cycles, decide what I can and can't do with my life?
I assume that is a rhetorical question?
Rise above your programming and automatic responses Phil and think about this deeply. Answer this question to yourself and you will know why I think voting caused the problem. As a part of that problem, it is your own ignorance and prejudice you need to face.
Yes. When Wisdom and Prejudice meet, they often part wishing the other would listen more.
You are currently in an educational forum focused exclusively on teaching freedom and sovereignty consciousness. I am its founder. This is not a good place to sell the idea that voting is the solution to voting problems. Are you now calling me prejudiced for trying to teach you differently in my own school? Why are you here Phil?
I am just a visitor, and will soon be gone, leaving you to your fantasies about what freedom is. Relax!

I have been devoted all my life to the cause of freedom, Dan. I have an excellent track record, in my view, of achievement in that cause. But I fear this is no place for me!

Because this is your space, and because my time here is so brief, I won't be so rude as to tell you what I think (so far) of your teaching about freedom and sovereignty consciousness. Have a nice life.
Ok, suit yourself. Good luck with finding freedom via representives elected by other people, whom will lock you up if you don't agree.
The only rule we need is "do no harm" and the only govt we need is an administrator of public services. (In my opinion).. We can do away with all the rest..
^ this. :-)
proof of psychopathy = govt assuming they know better than the person, what is 'good' for them.
knows that we must become the administrator and executor of our own estate, by appointing our surviving live-born (legal twin) self, see printout, column1, 2, 3, via wills act (uk) 1837, s10; diplomatic representative and agent, via diplomatic privileges and immunities act 1968, part4 and schedule3; non-revocable power of attorney, property law act 2007, schedule1, among others.