Terence Easthope shared a link to the group: NZ Freedom forum - defending our human rights in New Zealand.

I can't help but question the timing of this outpouring of so called institutional goodwill. Yes Yes Yes, I support the investigation into historical abuses of vulnerable/innocent NZ'ers : personally it looks like a throw off to my 31yr-alive-ACC-claim of 1stly: waiting 26yrs for must-have surgery, & every foreseeable avoidable consequence of ACC Medical Torture - am I included in the nations abuse statistics? Experience tells me, NO.. Never again is most apt .. how about supporting a current & live High Court case NOW - if you're so needy for my & my harmed brothers & sisters, apology ..
This is a "victims appeal to authority from the cult of statism." Which doesn't quite fit with this forum. Which is about realising individual sovereign consciousness.
Judging from history I don't expect much justice to come out of this, but I certainly do empathise with the people involved and wish them whatever justice they can muster.
Perhaps a class action suit in a common law court by jury might get the desired results? A Crown controlled court, not so much.
yeah - i read it - all the 'haves' once again, getting together, to agree on another so called independent inquiry - run by their 'have' mates. corporate welfare earning off the back of deplorable administration. I agree, it'll amount to nothing.

they spent all the money on their independent inquires

historical abuses eg me - are on going & are a earning avenue for the 'haves'
Aye, it's a sad realisation that controversy generates revenue for those people and legitimises their postion. The more the merrier.
since 2012 & ACC's $4b surplus, ACC has steadfastly distributed levies until 2015 and their $1b surplus AND STILL REFUSE TO PAY ME

it's not like I asked for billions in compensation to settle the 26yrs & now 31yrs years of ACC medical torture

and I'm told (by Judge Powell & doctors) - I'm the only one going through this "trauma treatment delay" type issue

who waits 26yrs years for surgery with "a gradual process condition" = rotting bone?

like kim dotcom - they're only carrying with this because it's about money - dam the law! refer - his QC counsel
This does leave me wondering why you have not taken these matters into your own hands and sought healing some other way?