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How deep does the rabbithole go? All the way up, down, out, in, inside out and through the flat core of the Flat Earth. Where you stand then is up to you; nobody else; just You.
knows it goes deep enough to hit the elephants on the back of a tortoise,..?
yeah man... Turtle Island
I think it is good to question and test our base assumptions and observe facts for what they are, even with our observations on seemingly fundamental truths.
However, this theory raises more questions than it answers. I have friends that have circumnavigated the globe. So how would that work on a plane?
If you love a good tale, look up Admiral Byrd and the hollow earth theory. Other goodies are the expanding earth theory and my favourite, the electric universe theory.
I find that in general it dont matter if the world is flat or round, what matters is the control that some have over others in regards to education. . Imo
You have free will. Ultimately you are in control of how educated you are.
Absolutely Dan Greenman. U and I are fine. The masses of sheeple tho..
“Only as a warrior can one withstand the path of knowledge. A warrior cannot complain or regret anything. His life is an endless challenge, and challenges cannot possibly be good or bad. Challenges are simply challenges.”
— Carlos Castaneda
Dan Greenman; to reply to your circumnavigation question; they sailed in a circle on a flat earth map. but in their minds they sailed in a straight line. As for Bird; his hollow earth theory was to sidetrack us from the fact of the Flat Earth - plenty of suss things abt this character; he was at the heart of the multinational antarctic treaty that made the area a no-go zone for everybody. Now nobody gets down there off their own bat; unless they wanna get blown out of the water; or shot out of the sky. Military presence is there, not to protect the mineral wealth (yeah right) but to protect the knowledge from leaking of the earth being flat.
wonders is 'conspiracy' and 'theory' synomous?..
makes correction; "...synonymous?.."
^ No. Erm, maybe. Ok yes.
It ends up you have to trust your own eyes and heart; for me the Suez Canal is a slamdunk for the FE model. There is no disproving the physical evidence of a 167 km flat-level body of water; at sea-level; running into an ocean of water at each end with: NO CURVATURE whatsoever.
Interesting, I've not yet been able to get my head around that.
You see it is my learning that a large enough curve will appear as a plane and get far enough away from something and it will appear as a point.
Some say that this flat earth story was designed to hide the fact that the earth is a torroid with holes at each end. And that its recent incarnation on the
Internet is a creation if the CIA supposedly. But it's crazy enough to be true.. But how come when I'm flying to auzzie i can see the curvature of the planet?
I don't believe you can see that Jay Barnett; I know i never have. Maybe it's just our programming telling us that it's there; so we don't bother actually looking..
Well I found this old post while searching for nz flat earth groups.. interesting to see my comment from mid 2015.. well since then I became a bonafide flat earther around end of 2015 and its so nice to be on the level now :)
How do you explain Scorpio and Orion being on opposites sides of the sky then? Ring a friend from the otherside of the world at dawn/dusk and get them to tell you what constellations they can see. You can work out from that if the earth is flat or not using geometry. Flat earth theory simply does not work with how our stars move. Seriously, do the work and see it for yourself. The northern hemsisphere even has *different* stars. Some are the same, as if viewing from a sphere...
Simple explaination of this phenomenon Dan Greenman... is a star-dome that pivots around the North Star or Polaris; at the outer edges of dome the star-sightings will be different because perspective does not allow us to see beyond the horizon. The North Star question though has no simple explaination in a Globe Earth model, ie; the North Star does not move in the heavens perpendicular to the North Pole. It can only be logically explained by aTurning Star-Dome pivoting at this North Star Point.
Exacto.. To me the evidence for a circular flat earth is far more compelling than a sphere.. I don't have all the answers but the flat earth with dome fits much better with empirical evidence.. And historical attempts at suppression of flat earth also.. And the push for us been insignificant specks in a vast universe I also find to be a deception
It all just fits better.. No curvature is the biggest sign.. Plus the polar star is also a big point.. Zero star parallax also a good piece of evidence.. If we are supposed to be moving thru the galaxy at 100,000 kms how have the stars never changed position in the night sky.. We always end up back where we started after so many years of precession.. That makes no sense at all..
Plus how about dem pesky satellites.. Supposedly we can view some of them with the naked eye moving slowly over the sky.. But even the biggest oldest ones are no bigger than a car.. A car 5kms away will look the size of a pinhead.. Even if it was shiny and reflective do you think you could see it at 25,000 kms away in space? Its impossible.. It would be microscopic in size.. Also if there are supposedly 20,000 satellites in orbit.. How come not even one of the hundreds of TV relay satellites has a camera pointing at earth and giving us a 24/7 live feed of the planet? How come we only get closeup satellite images and CGI composites? Which could be taken from balloons or high alt aircraft.. It just doesn't add up..
Space is fake, NASA is fake CGI and iss is filmed underwater in a huge tank with green screens and they even admit they have an exact "replica" of the iss in a tank for training purposes.. How come they never train in a artificial vacuum? Because when they tried it the suits were useless because of no pressure.. Those tin can space ships would never work in a real vacuum.. Its all BS.