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Do you believe in shooting up your child and risking allergies,eczema,autoimmune, cancer,brain injury compared to your child who is well nourished, warm, who does not sleep in a slum experiencing natural childhood diseases that actually educate and mature your child's immune system, AS MOTHER NATURE & GOD INTENDED ? Vote vote vote !
educate and mature their immune system?? if only that actually worked. if it worked, then mass outbreaks of disease throughout history, wouldn't have occurred. im happy vaccinating so that we don't have to see thousands of children die from polio etc,
Please look into polio and DDT poisoning
It actually does work
ive looked into it, and encountered sooo much blatant scare mongering of vaccines along the way. exactly like you are doing now.
Vaccinate away sweet heart because when you watch/witness your child disintegrate its belief over
No, its a money making scam, as been told by a well known pharmacist,
I was there once.....take your child in and shoot him/her up with polio/measles/mumps/rubella/Hep b / hep a / meningococcal/ rotavirus/ etc and see how that works out ? Can you record live so we can see it's all awesome
Sorry but I witnessed brain injury before my eyes and didn't know what brain injury looked like, so I shot my kid up again after 9 years of no shots and same shit happened again. Dr in nz agrees its no coincidence twice.
uh im fine and im fully immunised. not a single person i grew up with reacted to them, and neither did any of my children.
Ive been immunized - plus many of my friends and family have been - including their children. WHY? because they don't want their kids to die a horrible death.

Anyone who spreads negative propaganda without public reviewed scientific evidence needs to shut THE FUCK UP AND FIND A JOB.

Too much spare time on your hands! GO and do SOMETHING with your life rather than harping on about something thats been debunked how many fucking times?

Fucken so over dumb fucken idiot low life cunts that have nothing else better to do than harp on about fucken conspiracy theories - OOHHHH THE VACCINE COMPANIES ARE TRYING TO CONTROL THE POPULATION RAH RAH RAH RAH.

Fuck man i hear better yarns from stoners talking about quantum fucken computers solving our medical mysteries.

Seriously though, find a new hobby because this anti-vaccine bullshit is costing kids LIVES.

How about we document, and harvest information about EVERY SINGLE ANTI-VACCINE fuckwit and publish it for EVERYONE to then QUESTION those peoples motives...... Put them into the same room as a kid in ICU thats about to DIE due to not being vaccinated......

You anti-vaccine lot are about to have a lot of trolls doxx'n your shit, so over seeing people getting sucked in by your misleading BULLSHIT.

NO, go look up nano particles and smart dust. Like technology and the diseases they give us, vaccines have evolved but the agenda stays the same...
Like most things, it depends.
What the fuck ? You want kids on a fire to keep your kids warm ?
Please stop posting this tedious, backward propaganda.
Everyone was a vaxxer before they were anti vaxxers.
Could you all please present your vaccine certificates ? If not up to date can you please pop along and have all the shots up dated and record your health life on Facebook
Can you provide a report Via A NZ in regards to your child? If you can make these claims you must have some presentable public evidence, otherwise just saying it on facebook doesn't make it legit.
Since you have such a campaign Via A NZ i would be surprised if you DID NOT have some presentable public evidence whilst respecting privacy of your child - So names, personally identifyable information can be removed.

Other parents have made their kids vaccine reaction report publically available - Why can't you?
Logan when were you last vaccinated ? They only last a few years so are you up to date or not ?
how is his medical history your business...
Your blatantly ignoring my requests of a public report of your child getting brain damage as a result of a vaccine injection.

Instead your directing a question of if I have been vaccinated or not.
Logan do you want my ACC number? Or videos ? Or screen shots of starship paper work ? He doesn't 6 months in starship ? What do you want ? Nothing will be good enough for you ? So spell out what you need ?
Via A NZ - a simple PDF report from a medical professional stating that the brain damage is a result of a side effect from the vaccine.... Thats what you need to post, simply claiming that its fact has no integrity.
9/10 anti vaxxers never post any evidence