Group wall post by Tuhi Tama Hoey

regardless of whom has been elected to manage the NZ Company in Wellington, the mass ignorance is apparently still very blissful!

The NZ Company does not make law they make company policies, as employees of this company via Birth certs one is subject to,

We operate in a "Dual Governance" system, democrats in Wellington and the Republicans in Waitangi, there is still abundance more of realisation, understanding, awareness, knowledge, truth etc to be discovered by you all that feel this false sense of security, false sense of national achievement, false sense of people power, false sense of justice now that the NZ COMPANY is being managed by Labour (same shit different shovel) #tuhoewasstillillegallyINVADED and no justice, same wolf different clothing, they still have the same boss who ultimately has been causing all the suffering, in my heart mind and soul IGNORANCE IS NO LONGER A LEGITIMATE EXCUSE.
The NZ COMPANY is operating illegally in accordance to the law as of 2002 was dissolved and put into recess by Dame Sian Elias, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court which is gazetted in the NZ herald,

those of you, and I love you all unconditionally and endlessly, that pose to think you know what your talking about regarding politics and law by posting and boasting about better days for our country now that there is a change of management of the company are so easily fooled! and easily lead to the slaughter due to YOUR IGNORANCE!

are in fact responsible for the destruction, raping and pillaging of our whenua, minerals and resources/taonga tuku iho, the indigenous injustice, immoral injustice, INJUSTICE PERIOD, homelessness, poverty, mass murder/genoside, rape, pedophaelia, corruption and the ongoing of all the aforementioned,
WAKE THE FUCK UP!!! (with all love intended) politics, law and the way our country and society are operating, managed and administrated is NOT A GAME NOR IS IT A POPULARITY CONTEST,this populist idea of better days is such BULLSHIT because of the change of how the illusion is is being conveyed, to be blunt and honest, FUCKS ME RIGHT OFF AND MAKE ME SAD,

for a few reasons,
(A) its a kick in the face and an absolute insult to and for those of us TRUE FREEDOM FIGHTERS, whom on a daily basis sacrifice our minds, bodies and soul, our lives, our families to bring down the BEAST in which all you ignorant whanau of ours either ignorantly, unknowingly, purposely, are keeping the beast on its throne!

Just to say, FUCK YOU ALL but I will love and die for you all unconditionally and a thousand times over!!!!!!

The moral of the story here is Aotearoa, if you are going to promote, speak of, uphold, empower, blah blah blah about something ???
Make sure you do your due diligence and do your homework or FUCK UP AND TAKE IT UP THE ASS LIKE YOU ALREADY DO, if you wish to know more about whats truely going on, Te Paremata Maori will be opened in Waitangi as it is every year on the 28th of October, powhiri at Te Tii Marae on the 26th so ILL SEE YOU ALL UP THERE if you you truely wish for and fight for our freedom as a nation, i am open to discuss, share,empower, teach more about our freedom and the corruption so come to waitangi if you wish to either yell and scream at me, talk and share with me, debate with me? You all know where ill be next week, NAU MAI HAERE MAI KI WAITANGI, WELCOME ALL, MAORI, NON-MAORI, doesnt matter we are all apart of the same human race... MAURIORA!!!!!
Nice one brother.
None of this makes any sense....... lay off the pot
On to it.
Important Kiwis Wake Up
& Stand as 1 under our Original National Flag that makes us Sovereign, independant & Free*
Down with all False flags I say
Raise our True flag & insist on using its true name only*
(or leave it lost in plain sight with the wrong name)
>>Accept no Substitutes >
The actual National Flag
The original & only True Flag to fly here*
Accept no substitutes
Huge respect bro!