Group wall post by Robert McDowell

Untrue on many counts. A lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt and very little understanding. If bitcoin crashes it can only do so in exponentially slow and expensive motion. Think about what that means. Cryptocurrency has nothing to do with the federal reserve bank. Decentralised means decentralised.
Don't buy silver. Grow a garden.
So if the system crashes will physical currency be worthless? So will everyone have to go digital so those who control digital currency will be able to control your money and spending. When there's no physical cash there'll be no cash sales, no cash jobs. The digital system will know every sent you make and spend. High level spying and control.
Bitcoin will be the first to be sacrificed... the others will shortly follow. Then the morphed demon bankers will initiate their own digital currency; shortly followed by RFID chips; then NWO and One World Government. Decentralisation is just the carrot they waving in front of the gullible, the gutless and the idealists... The realists know that there will be NO decentralisation of currency; not this time around at least.
Buy silver AND grow a garden. Silver is a requirement for every tech device in production... it has a core value that will hold when everything else fails - including gold. Right NOW is the best opportunity any of us will ever have of not only weathering the Perfect Storm that's coming; but also of feathering a nest when the waters recede.
Just what kind of a bullshit claims are these? Robert you have no idea what you are talking about one bit (pun intended.) You really need to take off the tin hat and spend more time walking in nature. Or at least do a bit of learning before commenting on things you clearly have no clue about.
Bitcoin won't crash the system

Not entirely.. already you can buy things directly with bitcoin.. for example some housing and realestate, all person to person transactions can be in bitcoin.. pretty soon supermarkets and big outlets will accept btc.. like Amazon, Google, eBay and PayPal.. all are looking towards btc integration..
There are all kinds of people saying it will bust and this and that for many years. So far all the naysayers have been completely wrong..
The whole story is bigger and more complex.. fiat currency could become unnessesary.. yes right now re rely on converting to USD for many things.. but that need decreases every month.. watch 2018 and how much more btc gets adopted..

Btc won't necessarily crash the system.. the system has been crooked since its inception.. btc could actually be much better.. but we need to really change our whole concept of exchange and value. All these ideas that gold and silver are stable and safe is only because of a perceived value.. you can't eat gold or silver.. jewelry and those main uses for gold could become unimportant in the future if clean water and access to food become our main issue.

Priorities could change drastically and carting around actual gold and silver much more cumbersome than digital currency (with paper wallet as backup).. just some thoughts..
Bitcoin doesn't even have 1% of the financial market share yet.. so it can keep growing for a lot longer.. it can go 1 million USD per coin and still be fine.. which seems crazy.. it's hard for people to get their head around what it is... In a nutshell it's a form of secure financial transacting that is totally unhackable and safer than your current bank account as far as digital data goes. it was actually created by an AI system to securely send messages. Then that code was then utilised by humans to make an unhackable form of transactions.

The USD reduces in value every time the fed prints more money.. bitcoin has a finite amount of coins in circulation.. as it is adopted by more people it's value increases and no one loses out in the deal. It's a win win. which means everyone who has btc will become more wealthy.. like a reverse devaluation.. it's value goes up the more it's used, bought and adopted.
How is Bitcoin valued........Um with money, which is why this is unbased dribble.
its a way to get us all use to a "one world" cashless society
knows that during 'the great depression' the only real 'money' there was in existence was our own time and energy (work for bed and food) therefore, everything else is merely symbolic of wealth, its value arbitrary quantified and backed by confidence in a 'promise to pay'.