Group wall post by Nigel Antony Gray

so bs you own your vehicle correct? so therefore it is a private vehicle just like a private residence having alcohol in your car means that it is in your private possession they have no right to search cars or to touch anything in the car if it wasnt open it shouldnt have been touched the police in nz are becoming more like the US everyday
you don't own your vehicle the government does the moment you registered it and when you registered to vote your gave the rest of your rights to the same government
Nah, good job...last thing our beaches and children need are drunks, their broken bottles & rubbish...
New Zealand hasn't even got a constitution, so what are you all on about?
No search warrant no entry
Sad enough that it has to come to this kind of measures, but due to the attitude and behavior of some individuals its all spoilt for the rest of us. The idiotic behavior shown in the past years leaves nothing else to be done than ban booze. Why can't people just behave themselves like normal human beings when they refer to the human rights?
No wonder the police have a bad name, very few officers have the ability to think for them selves, just blindly follow orders
Police are not your friends....