Group wall post by Logan Douglas

Just a bit concerned about a member posting up misleading legal advice...

Acting upon his advice could get you in serious trouble... there is no legitimate fact, after checking with a close friend whos a lawyer. He is also very concerned about the stuff hes talking about.

For one the stuff hes saying makes no sense when relating it to our legislation and law...

Secondly we all pay for our way on life, you cannot tell others to not pay for their power and food, water - when every other person does unless they are offgrid.

Im sure we all want to post up our content, opinions and information. However misleading, dangerous advice isnt ideal for young members in this group who could be influenced negatively by such rubbish.

"George Grimm" - he needs help and/or support becausr im afraid his beliefs will result in him being homeless.

Peace ✌
Such debate is welcome as keeping everybody free and out of trouble is the point. Can you back up your counter claim with something more tangible and specific than your opinion based on a close friends opinion, who sold out and limited himself to the Crown as a clerk of corporate law and thus promoting it's "force" and illegitimate rule over the non consenting rest of us?
knows that, 'in war truth is the first to die', that is why censorship is the highest form of tyranny, however 'ignorance or the law is no excuse for any offence...' given, or taken.
I'm a bit concerned about your un informed opinion,please do proper research before claiming members on here need help!!!what are you trying to say,the man is mentally ill due to your lack of understanding? PLEASE ADD UP.
Logan are you an admin?