Group wall post by Jon Higdon

Last time there was an election, you might have noticed there were people that shouldn't be there in the polling booth. The first time there were only national party members, last time there were many more. I went all the way to the electoral commission, only to find they are corrupt as well.
I have prepared notices and want to prosecute those people in the high court. I am looking for people to serve the notices and gather names of those illegally there. I will post the documents, both to serve and the High Court prosecution documents that will be filed in the High Court.
If you are willing to at least serve these people (they call themselves scrutineers which they are not) then please let me know. Thanks.
sees this is the nature of 'psi-ops'.
why bother when you know the whole system is rigged from the top as a farce to pretend the masses of sheople are getting a say....bullshit of the highest stink as well if you vote you are becoming a citizen with privileges but not rights where as if you abstain you are a sovereign in your own right with rights from the highest authority - God. Whom do you think has the better outcome?
knows that, 'the friends (co-conspirators) of our enemy, are also our enemy.' , however we must also, "bring our enemy to the battlefield and not be brought by them.", suntsu250bce.