Group wall post by Jaydn Goudie

Money has no value , The Monetary-market system is a mind game , it's a psychological operation , Debt doesn't exist in any physical reality , it's nothing but a hoax , Authority/Government/Establishment also doesn't exist it's also a mind game which relies heavily on Faith and Illusion . Statism is a religion .
It's such a shame that the 'Asleep' struggle to grasp that it is nothing more than a 'concept' and that it can be changed. What I struggle with is that that we can have Nano Technology, Space Rovers visiting other planets, Satellites, Smart Phones, Micro Chips ........ etc, etc .... BUT we can't devise a better system/solution whereby we can live in harmony with our people, planet and nature. An even distribution of wealth (whatever that may be), better education for the majority, No Hierarchy structure, a semblance of Sovereignty. Some may say this sounds too fantastical aiming for something akin to Utopia, but if we don't aim for something resembling that we will surely not stumble on to it by accident.