Group wall post by Bernie Johnson

Hey does any one know how to cancel the bank account that was created under our fictitious name? Other then waiting 5 years. As that is what the bank lady told me. Cheers
What do you mean by cancel? Just ask them to close your account just like you would with any services provider.
Nar its closed but I still have an access number, I told them I want to submit the name on their system completely. Under some statute it happens after 5 years of not using their services. I don't know, I just want my freedom under common law, and thought that was a necessary step in claiming my identity as a living man?
Ok great. If you've ended the relationship then why care about what they do with their own property/books/fiction?

This kind of thing is currently a hot topic of debate called "the right to be forgotten" in world IT legislation circles.
I see, thanks. Yea nar, its just a bit confusing. The system making simple things complicated, and I am relatively new to all their legal jargon.