Group wall post by Alana Ray Tobin

Here is a call with Brendon O'oconnell who has been released from Mt. Eden prison and New Zealand and has been returned to Malaysia.

This is Brendon's first interview since his release. His interview starts at the 52.30 mark into the recording.

I have to say I knew the prison system here was deplorable but now having listened to how badly Brendon was treated, literally made me feel quite sick and heart broken. No wonder I was thinking of him so often, at times even daily, and sending spiritual assistance to him on an ongoing basis.

Brendon was locked up for 10 weeks in Mt. Eden prison in Auckland in a high security prison which totally breaches the rules of the UN guidelines for refugee and asylum seekers which is a civil matter not criminal - as NZ is a signatory to the UN. Brendon was told they do not even have a refugee detention center in New Zealand to adequately detain asylum seekers so they are locked up in a high security prison?

Brendon was applying for asylum as a political prisoner as he has been politically targeted within Australia such he was charged with a racial villification charge and was incarcerated in Australia for 3 years. This was a charge preventing Brendon of having any right to free speech as he was incarcerated literally for 'criticising a Jew' in a marketplace when an argument then ensued.

Brendon was in the mainstream division of lockup at first, but so many were regularly being beaten up if they did not join one's gang, so he felt to transfer to segregated, to avoid being next on the list. Brendon was fed the worst food, was cut off from any sunlight, no resources, was only allowed one call in TEN weeks to the son of his lawyer in Australia.

The lawyer here with immigration Carol Curtis, was absolutely unethical as she was paid over $7,000 but did zero to help Brendon. She even missed an appearance and failed to submit critical paperwork. Why do you suppose this is? Its not just gang thugs in prison who are a threat. Legal is for a fact, 'farming harm for profit' but worse than THAT, who do you think is really in control?

Brendon was tortured with sleep deprivation, being awakened every 15 minutes, placed naked in a room and on camera surveilance 24/7 for over a WEEK, because he went on a hunger strike. And he was threatened he would be drugged and told he was delusional by an absolutely irresponsible and abusive psychiatrist Stephen Heed, shame on you Stephen!!, you should be incarcerated for what you have done, and all the nurses participating in this sick and despicable behaviour is anything but ethical health care treatment. All this because Brendon is and has all along been assertive for his human rights as a living man and as a political activist.

Brendon has shone the light on the extreme and deplorable conditions here in this country with regards to the prison system.
The judiciary, lawyers and the prison system are rife with corruption and such severe treatment against peoples human rights and what is being done about it? The prisons are not fit to incarcerate people and should actually be shut down. This plus severe abuses which look to be right out of a demented thriller movie. Most New Zealanders if they knew about all of this, would be storming offices and homes of these employers to demand accountability and immediate changes.

I worked to contact Brendon and contacted a variety of agencies demanding to know his status and only met with refusals for information. I contacted immigration and really gave them a piece of my mind telling them how they are working against the human rights of the people and how the people are getting fed up with the abuses. I also know how bad the system is through my own direct experience with it over the past year, because of my own mate being politically targeted, unlawfully incarcerated and abused within this same facility and corrupt legal system.