Alana Ray Tobin shared a link to the group: NZ Freedom forum - defending our human rights in New Zealand.

I called the court and it looks like there isn't a court date scheduled at this stage... instead theres an interview with immigration which quite possibly is set for the 6th December.

Excerpt from article source at bottom of post:

Brendon has been incarcerated since Oct 12th, being treated like a criminal instead of as a Political Asylum seeker. He is now trying to highlight the poor conditions of Asylum seekers in the detention centre at Mount Eden. The whole point of him coming to NZ was to seek political asylum because of the terrible injustice he received in Australia due to Jewish and Israeli lobby groups who stole 3 years of his life and liberty and yet NZ charged him under grounds of 'character' due to his jail time in Australia.

Carol has not served him well but more than happy to have taken her legal fees from Brendon's legal team – his legal team are not happy with her!! She failed to turn up at his court appearance where Brendon represented himself!! His next appearance due Dec 5th.

Article source Kevin Barretts website:
Brendon O'Connell, anti-Zionist asylum seeker, imprisoned in New Zealand – violation of Geneva Conventions.

His appointed NZ Immigration lawyer Carol Curtis: