The War Drums of IRD


Inland Revenue is another government department that will not take no for an answer.

I have made every attempt to open communications with Inland Revenue and discuss our situation. Their response has been to completely ignore me and press on with their legal bulldozer. Squash.

Read on for the evidence.

"The only difference between a tax man and a taxidermist is that the taxidermist leaves the skin."
— Mark Twain

Precedent In Law

A precedent in law was set. An agreement stands between myself and the Minister of Revenue. It is almost identical to the one I sent to the Governor General. Cool eh.

Correspondence Between the Parties

This is how it all unfolded. Below are the letters that made up the communication. These tell the story for themself.

Affidavit to Shelley Croy

Shelley Croy is a recovery and enforcement Officer for IRD. She is the manager that was assigned to me by the Minister of Revenue. If you have read the records above then you have witnessed how evasive she has been throughout this process. Frustrated, I had no choice but to serve her an affidavit:

Download pdf: A005-Affidavit_IRD_Shelley_Croy.pdf (344 KB)

As a process of law, by default summary judgement this affidavit now stands as a precedent in law.

Shelley is in estoppel. To continue with what she is doing would be to break the law. And surprise, surprise, from her last letter you can see she is still intent upon damaging me. Why are these guys so militant?

I am now obliged to file criminal charges against her.

The Crimes of IRD

Inland Revenue have not played nice.

These are their crimes:

  • Conspiracy to extort
  • Fraud
  • Larceny
  • Perjury
  • Criminal Intent

I prepared a criminal complaint to hand to the Police. But unfortunately I fell afoul of corruption in their ranks. Now I do not feel safe approaching them. So what am I to do?

The Criminal Complaint

Download pdf: C001.IRD-Criminal_Complaint.pdf (645 KB)