Showdown at the Court - 16/09/2011

Dan Greenman

Sorry to keep you all waiting for an update. I have been working around the clock to catch up with events. Thank you to everybody for your support. It really makes a big difference in keeping my spirits up. Community is awesome.

First A Quick Bit Of Trivia

First I'd like to share a bit of relevant trivia with you (or just skip ahead.)

Law is never more particular than with the meaning of words. Did you know that most people don't know what the word "driver" means?
Most people think they're a driver when in legal fact they're not.

Let me show you what I mean. Let's quickly look it up in the law dictionaries:

DRIVER. One employed...
Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856

DRIVER-- one employed in conducting a coach, carriage, wagon, or other vehicle..."

Driver - One employed in conducting or operating a coach, carriage, wagon, or other vehicle, with horses, mules, or other animals, or a bicycle, tricycle, or motor car, though not a street railroad car.
Black's Law Dictionary, 3rd Ed

DRIVER. One employed...
Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th Ed, 1951

So there you have it, a driver is clearly indicated to mean somebody that is employed to drive. If you are not employed to drive then you are not a driver. So why did you license yourself? Starting to feel duped yet?

So what happened at the court then?

The short version

Thank you to the supporters that showed up. I am ever so grateful, you make all the difference.

A special thanks to our NZ representative interviewer Lucy and our academy award winning camera man Tim. Cheers guys.

This movie was spontaneous and filmed in a traffic-noisy place. So it is hard to hear. If the subtitles are not visible please press the "cc" button to turn them on.

Duration: 10 minutes 30 seconds.

The full story


All the laws of man are contract, plain and simple. A man becomes free when he places himself outside of jurisdiction (power; authority; control) by ending the contract and quitting the job (duty). This is done by handing in your notice. Then all you have to do is avoid harming others and nobody has just cause for raising a grievance against you.

Ever quit a job before? That's how it's done. Simple. Don't believe me? Well think about it, a one way contract is called enticement to slavery, and that is a big no no.

So I quit the corporation known as "HER MAJESTY IN RIGHT OF NEW ZEALAND," better known in short as "NEW ZEALAND." I handed in my notice to the Crown and Parliament and quit my position in what I consider to be mind bogglingly inhumane organisation.

Have you tried reading all the Acts and Statutes of parliament? Do you speak Legalese? Did you understand them all and agree with them? Did you get all one hundred thousand rules into your head?

Me neither, it does not seem possible. I can't honour a duty like that and the penalties for non-compliance are severe. No way hosé. So my only honourable course of action was to leave. I handed in my notice and nobody objected at the time. So it's a done deal. This website documents the evidence.

The downside of a position like this is that I can no-longer benefit from government support unless I choose to contract with them again. The upside is that I got back all of my rights in law. Yay.

One of my most treasured rights is freedom of travel. Check out Article 13 of the United Nations Human Rights Act, and then look up the word "freedom" in the dictionary. You have this right too.

World Government of World Citizens Flag

I am a citizen of the World Government of World Citizens and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is our constitution. We figure it's the path to peace. As such I am honour bound to observe and protect these rights.

Do you know the government has just passed the Freedom Camping Act? You are not allowed to camp by the river or beach any more. If that is how it is now, then what will it be like ten years from now? They keep dreaming up more and more rules. This is not a good trend. Papers please! I've seen this somewhere before in history. Anyway I digress...

The arrest

I'm gonna kick your ass

So I'm going about my business not harming anybody when a Police officer pulls me over and demands my name, address and drivers license. Well, I had no ID on me at the time and I don't have an address because I am a traveller. Also I am not a driver in legal fact. I'm also not subject to his jurisdiction and I am honour bound to protect my rights, one of which is to travel freely.

How well do you think this went down with him eh? Tricky situation huh. Needless to say it did not go well. It's a shame the higher up authorities have completely disregarded their duty to acknowledge my correspondence, which was intended to prevent this controversy from the get go.

The Police officer was not interested in what I had to say at all. I don't think he was very bright, he was certainly not a compassionate man. He was not in the least interested in talking about anything. To him this was a simple case of "you ain't got a license so we're locking you up." Unlawful arrest! (Kidnap!) I tried to get back to the safety of my car so I could make a phone call. That's when he pepper sprayed me in the eyes and they (there were two of them there by this stage) dragged me off to the cells.


You Will
My Authoritah!

The cells are horrible. Bare concrete walls. Bad smells. Cold. No natural light. And screams at night.

On the way in, everybody is strip searched and their belongings are itemised by the Police. They don't let you wear your shoes on the cold dirty concrete. They took (stole) $120 from me. I don't earn much and that's quite a lot of food. They threatened me with prolonged detention unless I surrender to their demands, which was for my personal information, photograph, finger prints and signature.

They forced me into a psychiatric evaluation with a psychologist (who decided he had no comment to add, thank goodness.) They fed us once a day and it was bad food. I was sick for a week from the food poisoning and it affected my performance in the court sessions that followed ...I could go on, but you should have the picture by now. It takes a deliberate strategy to be this hostile. And they can do what they want with you because it's all hidden from view.

If this is what they do to people that are not carrying bits of paper, I wonder what they do to people who commit real crimes (harm to others.) It's surely not going to rehabilitate them that's for sure. It will make them worse. It is heart breaking to know that this is how our peace keeping officers really are. Do not be fooled by the advertising on TV, it's propaganda.

Court appearances

Fishing for money

Two days later I was marched in handcuffs before the court. Surrounded by a group of six men I was forced before a Justice of the Peace whom was acting as the judge for the bail hearing. Everybody in the room was grovelling and calling him "Your Worship." What the f is that supposed to mean I thought to myself? Was this a temple of worship I'd been dragged into? Was I the lamb? It was a surreal scene to say the least.

I refused to accept representation by a lawyer, but one appeared anyway and spoke over me despite my repeated refusal. If I spoke too much, the bailiffs were there to remind me that I would be removed under contempt. The JP was putting on the meanest and most impatient performance I have ever seen in a man. Just like in the Pink Floyd Wall video. It was craziness and I was feeling very alone. The bail terms were decided and I signed the bail bond (contract) under duress, so they would finally let me out of there.

The terms of the contract were that I had to reappear in court two days later and reside at the night shelter until that time because I didn't have an address. They wanted to make sure I would not run away. The night shelter was an experience in itself. I rubbed shoulders with the down-and-outs of society and saw that many people fall through the cracks of mainstream society. Life in this culture is not good for them.

So I was finally out in fresh air again and relieved to be out in the sunlight and trees where I belong.

I was feeling sick, haggard, abused and alone. I was left with the threat of further violence from the Police if I did not show up in two days. I rested that first day. The second day I worked all day and all night writing up my case. Two days is a miserable amount of time to be allowed for preparation.

So far, my encounters had been one-on-one, just me and them. Where it is impossible to stand your ground because they vastly outnumber you and nobody else is there to intervene. The status hearing was different. It presented an opportunity to speak on-the-record before a public audience. So I saw this as the opportunity I had been waiting for to finally correct the wrongs that had occurred. It's theatre and I planned to put on a good show.

With only two hours of sleep and still suffering from food poisoning, I marched to the court.

Courtroom layout
You Will Respect
My Authoritah!

Well the status hearing turned out to be a farce. They did not accept anything I had to say, not even my name! Despite my protests, the judge decided to represent me and filed a plea of "not-guilty" before the bailiffs whisked me away. The terms of bail were updated. I was to appear in two weeks time for a settlement hearing.

The judge was wrong to have filed that plea in for me. I was in fact guilty. Guilty of the facts and innocent of the charges.

Blind Justice
Lady Justice
was not always
blind folded

The dishonesty being forced upon me in the name of Lady Justice was made clearer than ever. What hope could I have if I was not going to be heard?

The court was military-style. They insisted I was a "Mister" of which I am not. In the Navy a "Mister" is the official form of address used by the commanding officer to his officers, especially to the more junior ( In the military you are not allowed to contradict superior officers, and the officers of the court all considered themselves to be superior.

What a terrible situation. An justice system like this leaves no room for honest men in the world. I meditated on what to do next and I made a plan. That is when I called out to the community for support.

A call to the community - what happened on the big day

Freeman Dan
Greenman stands
for his rights

The plan was to refuse their invitation to appear by presenting a letter explaining why what they are doing is fraud. I gave them a counter offer for conversation outside the court, to be held on neutral ground. This offer was open to everybody. I also offered recourse should there be an outstanding liability, by Affidavit of Liability to my mailing address. Just like I have done on so many occasions before.

The letter is presented at the end of this story for your scrutiny.

Our group assembled and I am ever so grateful for them. It was an impressive turn out given that most people are too busy with employment to be able to do anything else with their lives. As a group we delivered the letter to three men. The acting Nelson Chief of Police, the judge presiding over this case and the bailiff.

It was a very public serving of notice. I hope this will motivate them to answer honourably for a change.

It is important for our community to witnesses how the NEW ZEALAND government chooses to do business in our world and it makes a big difference when we unite together in our cause.

The letter

Download pdf: Affidavit A007 signed.pdf (5.22 MB)

A proposed solution

Peace Dove
Harm none

Article 8 of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights states: Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law.

I am not aware of any competent national tribunals in New Zealand. Can anybody point one out to me? I think we are going to have to form one for ourselves.

Common law recognises rights. Civil law takes them away.

Let's form a common law court together and claim back real justice in our lives.

Please drop me a line if you have any thoughts or ideas.