A letter to the Ombudsman

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The New Zealand Government has consistently dishonored the law and brought harm upon me.

I have written a letter to the Ombudsman appealing for help.


What is an Ombudsman?

An Ombudsman is an independent investigator who:

  • investigates complaints about the administrative acts and decisions of central and local government agencies;
  • investigates complaints about the decisions of Ministers of the Crown and central and local government agencies on requests for official information; and
  • provides information and guidance to employees who wish to report serious wrong-doing in their workplace (“whistle-blowing”) and is one of the authorities to whom serious wrong-doing can be reported.
  • examines and monitors the treatment of persons detained in
    • prisons;
    • premises approved and agreed under the Immigration Act 1987;
    • health and disability places of detention; and
    • youth justice residences established under section 364 of the Children,
    • Young Persons and Their Families Act 1989.

"Central government agencies" include agencies (such as government departments and statutory bodies) responsible for benefit payments, housing, health, immigration, passports, accident compensation, prisons, education, taxation and child support and many others.

"Local government agencies" include agencies (such as regional, city and district councils) responsible for roads, drainage, nuisance, animal control, planning and resource and building consents.

An Ombudsman’s investigation is free and is conducted in private.

The Letter

This is the letter I sent to the Ombudsman.
My address has been obscured for obvious reasons.

Download pdf: 0.Letter_to_the_ombudsman_www.pdf (107 KB)