Dan vs Police - Settlement court - 16th September Nelson District Court - Be there

Freeman Dan
Greenman stands
for his rights

The Police captured me again and subjected me to some pretty unpleasant and intense experiences. I have learned what pepper spray feels like to the eyes, and it ain't nice. I have spent a night in prison and I would not wish those conditions on any man, not even the wicked (such treatment will make them worse - I have no doubt about it.) Such places are in gross violation of human rights and nobody but the victims know about it because it is all hidden from view.

You have watched my process. The Police are in grave dishonor as they have ignored my notices and requests for feedback, effectively placing me in this position. Ignorance of the Law does not excuse misconduct in anyone, least of all a sworn officer of the law.

It's amazing what the Police will justify doing to somebody that refuses to license themselves as a driver in commerce. I am not a driver in commerce. All I am doing is opting out of mere paper work and there is no victim to this act. I just stop paying them money is all. So why do they consider force as necessary? Oh yes, the money. They are certainly not working to keep the peace and protect our welfare.

I am out on bail under duress which I shall observe until I can shine light on the matter in court. Lest they cause me more harm. I can't promise the court will act honestly (they are militant) but at least I get to put stuff on the record.

I have been summoned to stand before the Nelson District Court on 16th September.

If you have been following my story or are interested in seeing me defend my rights in court, please attend and bear witness to the proceedings.

I would love to feel your support during these dark times.

The charges are:

  1. Driving without a license.
  2. Providing false information.
  3. Resisting arrest
  4. Assaulting an officer

All of these charges are unjustified because I have clearly claimed my right to drive without a license and I have clearly proven I am outside of the jurisdiction of the law they are trying to use on me. Acts and Statutes are contracts by consent. I do not consent, I think to do so is wrong for me. I have the right and duty to defend myself against unlawful arrest and assault and so I have.

I am busy catching up with my work to share the paper trail and the sequence of events that have led up to this point. They have used every tactic to intimidate me into submission. I shall prevail. Dishonor is clearly on their side. These postings will soon follow.

I invite you to attend

If you are interested then please meet me in front of the Court at 8am and tell any of your friends in Nelson that might be interested. Your support makes a big difference.

My case is strong but they are masters of their own court and are full of tricks. So wish me luck. Whether I win or lose I will have valuable information to share with you all so that we all may get closer to the truth.

NZ vs Greenman flyer