Civil Law

Welcome to the game
Why must we register
our children?

For some people, the government provides a valuable service. This is as it should be. It is when governance is forced upon non-consenting individuals that problems arise.

Civil law, like anything else for that matter, gains jurisdiction over you by your consent and by your contract. Contracts are formed by:

  • A verbal promise
  • Tacit agreement
  • By signing on the dotted line.
"Whatcha got to lose? Just sign here please."
-The Devil at the crossroads
The Devil
The big print
and the small
print taketh away

You were first placed under contract when your parents registered you as a security interest (otherwise known as getting a berth birth certificate).

One reason for registering your baby is to prepare a token for them on the great monopoly board of Commerce. With a birth certificate you can open a bank account and commence trading as a merchant trader (banker.) If you present evidence of a name registration to any government agency, they will claim jurisdiction over you as a merchant trader. You shall be expected to follow the rules of commerce on their terms. Which are strict.

When you present three key pieces of information: your registered name, registered address and registered date of birth, you have confirmed yourself as a citizen and will be expected to comply with merchant trader Civil law or the laws of commerce under governance and regulation. (Translated: In this day and age, answer to a vast body of civil rules and penalties.)

This is perfectly acceptable if you agree with how the government is doing business. A well working government is a blessing for civilized man. But if your government is not doing a good job, well then there is a problem.

It all started with the great war you see. Admiralty (civil) law was superimposed upon the Common law courts under martial law, after the great war had bankrupted all of the Nations of the Earth. The sea armies won the land.

To be Indebted is to be Enslaved


All nations are in debt. They call it the National debt. The debt is borrowed from international banks such as the IMF. As a citizen you have been charged with the responsibility of repaying this debt. You and your land are secured as the surety for the loans from international banks. Loans that paid for the wars on neighboring lands. (See: The Opposite of Freedom is debt)

Congratulations, you are held responsible for the National debt. I hope you agree with how they spent your money.

In law, societies and corporations are the symbolic equivalent of boats. Signing up for a job in a corporation is much like becoming a crew member on a boat. You sign a contract. You are assigned duties and in return granted benefits and privileges. All members agree to obey the rules else expect penalties. Punishments are administered in the form of fines, being locked in the brig (incarceration) or scrubbing the desk (forced labor.)

Courtroom layout
You Will Respect
My Authoritah!

By default, you are considered to be a member of the Law Society and are expected to follow their rules. Unless you can declare otherwise that is.

In the 1930's when the international bankruptcy occurred. The gold was stolen recalled. Our currency was changed from 'receipts for gold' into promissory notes, or IOU's. The economy went from being credit based to being debt based. Gold is no longer in circulation as a 'money of exchange.' Now we operate solely on promises, or IOU's; promissory notes, which are known as 'money of account.'

Incidentally, the story and movie called 'The Wizard of Oz' is a symbolically coded message about the great changes that occurred at that time, and how it has affected your rights.

Our Money is not really worth the paper it is printed on. It only has value because everybody pretends it has value. The emperor has no clothes, so to speak. Which is why martial law was decreed in our courts. It is to keep an eye on the situation and ensure the books stay balanced while we pay back our debt.

New Zealand "is one of the most heavily indebted developed economies, as measured by the net international investment position as a percentage of GDP." At the end of March last year, New Zealand's national debt, as measured by a negative net international investment position, was 86 percent of GDP, second to Iceland in the group of countries in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. (Source:, 2009, link)

We are a wealthy country. Why are we in so much debt? Why is our government growing this debt?

Behold the Police State

You Will
My Authoritah!

Citizens and the land they live on are mortgaged to the banks as a surety for loans. The bonds (promises) are floated on foreign stock exchanges in return for more loans.

I see it is as a surefire strategy to enslave in-debt everybody (See: Freeman on the Land in Aotearoa). It's far easier to rule people when they are indebted to you. It is the only way to establish ruler-ship rights. Which is why it is in the best interests for the government to be acting as they do. Don't think you can vote them out of it. You vote them in, you don't vote them out. Do you see the contradiction in terms! They're doing their job perfectly. It's just that most people don't know what their job really is.

Blind Justice
Lady Justice
was not always
blind folded

This is how "the state" legally justifies taking your stuff at will. If you agree to citizenship (a legal construct invented and owned by the government), then you can't really have belonging-to rights to anything. You yourself are property of the (in our case the: HER MAJESTY IN RIGHT OF NEW ZEALAND (See: New Zealand is a Corporation)) corporation. Property and ownership both are trick words. They have legal meanings that can be used against you. You can only bid (invite/beg) legal titles, and they can be taken away from you. Every time you register your property, it can, and will, be taken from you if you don't obey. This is how they can take your children away. That sounds wrong to me. How on earth can anybody claim the right to take your children away! It's all a bit twisted.

The government can make up any rule they want. They make up new rules everyday. And they are enforcing them against you. How much say do you have in the matter? Does ticking a box every so many years really count? What's to stop them enforcing a breathing tax against you?

Try to stop paying your rates, vehicle registrations, licenses, taxes, loans etc. and see what happens next. The game is rigged. You are told you are free. You are not free.

The Wizard of Oz
There's no place like home

As a citizen, you are not free to do what you want with your property because a citizen can't own anything while the nation is still operating in debt. Therefore you are required to register all of your assets so the wealth of the nation can be assessed. 'To register' is to document (a merchant ship engaged in foreign trade) by issuing a certificate of registry. You are required to register your stuff, just like on boats. You must be performing your duties and you must be following the rules of the (in our case:) "HER MAJESTY IN RIGHT OF NEWZEALAND" corporation.

Etymology: Anglo-French registre , from Medieval Latin registrum , alteration of Late Latin regesta , pl., register, from Latin, neuter plural of regestus , past participle of regerere to bring back, pile up, collect

  1. a written record containing regular entries of items or details; specifically : POLICE REGISTER
    1. a book or system of public records (as titles or patents)
    2. a roster of qualified or available individuals
    3. the formal record maintained by a corporation of the names and addresses of holders of its registered securities
(Source:, 2010, link)