Photos from Dan Greenman's post

You can't grant rights to others you don't already have yourself by voting. Representative democracy is dimwit violence, mob rules.
Much of this is fear based manipulation, an much of it has been ramped up with the present corruption. In the last election- poisoning the media with toxic disinformation, so everyone got disillusioned/ confused with the system and didn't vote- was a National Tactic! Non-voters allowed them to stay in, and people power was further erroded. They are trying it again this election, but for the first time in 9 years we have a credible opposition leader speaking clearly and from her heart. It is possible to slow or even reverse the undoing of our society, and it would be Reckless not to vote.
It's called manufacturing consent and it's all a staged game. I won't be surprised if Labour is voted in again because of the horrors of National, just so it can finish the TPPA agenda it started. This despite the largest protest in NZ history saying they don't want it. Representative democracy my ass.