Group wall post by Jon Higdon

Hey all, Im trying to write a book about all this, but it isn't easy. Anyone out there prepared to help? I have written most of it, but it needs reviewing, maybe editing where I waffle, and also noting where, to the uninitiated, it might be confusing. Im not on the net at home so have to go to the library to post stuff which doesn't help, but maybe if anyone or more can help we can get this out.

Im just helping a guy at the mo who is putting all this stuff (claim of right etc) into the court system, and they are backpeddling somewhat but of course, cannot deny the law. The results of this will go into the book as well.

We are about to prosecute the policemen involved, and the lawyers (4 of them) and this will be in the book as well, so there are practical examples.

Anyone who can help in any small way, please call me on 021 0842 0716. You won't be disappointed, I promise. As soon as we can get this out the better, the cops are beating people up now, and we need to act fast.....
I would be keen to help. PM me more info please....
You can PM me also.
I have some doozy stories to share... right at this very moment the Takaka Police have stolen my wallet, phone and coat (yes in winter.) They were handed into them as lost property. Instead of safely passing on my belongings they have instead chosen to blackmail me with it. They want to "teach me an example" for daring to argue with the state about my freedom.