Group wall post by Christian Jonathan Albert

Christian Jonathan Albert‎ to New Plymouth District Council
Just now ·
Thank you Karl osten dba New Plymouth dog pound dba New Plymouth district counicl for killing our whanau member our property named ( arewhana) you and all who were and are party to the murdering of our whanau member have no clean hands and can't hide behind your so called uniform ( as the Nuremberg trails were and are still law now and universal human rights and the bill of rights and te ture whenua maori/ maori land act 1993/95) you and all involved are liable to the theft and murder of our whanau member our property.
People out there these thugs have no mandate to steal your property and no lawful right to impose anything on you its time you stand up and fight back these thugs hide behind there uniform they are liable to there actions
knows that we must, "pitch the law against the law.", te kooti,...oh and some steele nads would help also.