Greg Rzesniowiecki shared his post to the group: NZ Freedom forum - defending our human rights in New Zealand.

Peace week started early in Wellington..

and the content on the installation is all in this dropbox file:
Not much interest in this one here? hmmmm....
sees there may be some relative confusion between 'peace' and 'commerce', however we know now that the war industry is considered 'good' business.
Good on you Greg for your work and I appreciate you sharing it with us all. I guess people don't have much more to add after 16 years of controversy.
Be good to remove the controversy and get to the guts of who said "go 9/11" and who they contracted to do the demolition.

That individual or group (which must have included US Neocons and US military personnel) has altered the course of history and precipitated another several million slaughtered and more injured, and made refugees plus the enormous property and heritage damage in the Near East War zones.

The culpability must be sorted and justice done before the world is able to settle into a new equilibrium, which is necessary to meet in a coordinated and cooperative manner the threat of massive and abrupt climate change.

That challenge can still be mitigated and lessened where we get away from hegemonic control and into international collaboration. Till then there's no value in anyone doing the right thing as they can argue that no one else is playing ball.

It is critical to hold the 9/11 murderers to account...

All else is bullshit.. as it is mere reaction to the already pronounced "war on terror" - unpack 9/11 and we can unpack the war on terror..

One of my papers to the FADT select committee in respect to the TPP, this one "US - Aotearoa NZ Values - Do These Correlate?"

Spells it out.. it's out there, just need people to grab it and stay the course...