Dan Greenman shared a link to the group: NZ Freedom forum - defending our human rights in New Zealand.

Sovereign or Slave? The Choice Is YOURS
by Marcellus De Pavelly (Also known as "Universal Sovereign" on Facebook)

In this nine part video presentation he addressed the following:
* Self Determination - Human Rights - Freedom
* Sovereignty - Responsibility
* Law - legislation
* Slavery today
* Constitutional order of our territory Nu Tireni and of the Realm of NZ.
* Public service oaths of office, Constabulary and Judiciary
* How to uphold your rights and help public servants to uphold them, and how to help them uphold their oaths of service.
* Some of his experiences, in court and otherwise.

This talk was given at the Northland Polytechnic Auditorium in Whangarei, New Zealand on October the 18th, 2015 from about 11.15am -5pm. Thank-you for your interest in this topic.

Thanks to both the author and Corrupt Smith for sharing the link with y'all.
Thanks Marcellus I looked at all your vids a few years back and helped very much on my ascension xxx